Spice of Life® Corporate Diversity Activities

Add fun and excitement to diversity training!

Now you can lead your diversity in the workplace initiatives through fun diversity workshop activities! Spice of Life® Diversity cards offer a unique and effective way to lead interactive discussions and diversity training activities in your corporate or governmental workplace or social setting.

Facilitators, trainers and leaders can use the Spice of Life® Card Diversity Activities to:

• Lead interactive discussions on diversity in the workplace and behavioral impact in your organization using the deck of 48 numbered cards featuring questions and group activities on four major areas of diversity awareness: Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance and Behavior.
• Wild cards, an ouch card for offenses and training guide are included
• Ideal for workplace and social settings

Our clients include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Colorado
  • Bally’s Claridge Casino - NJ
  • Coca Cola - GA
  • Columbia State Community College, TN
  • Enterprise Rent a Car - PA
  • Federal Bureau of Prison, PA
  • Jockey - WI
  • Kelloggs - Michigan
  • Missouri Department of Transportation - MO
  • Nokia - Finland
  • Patrick Henry Air Force Base - Florida
  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator, Utah
  • University of California
  • Wells Fargo, North Carolina
  • Live to Learn - Ontario, Canada
  • Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, Australia
  • Vibralogix Ltd, United Kingdom
  • ZHAW - Institute For Facility Management, Switzerland

Goeins-Williams Associates, Inc.
Goeins-Williams Associates, Inc. offers consulting services and products to help your company or organization improve performance and achieve your organizational and professional development goals. As part of our offering we provide diversity training, consulting and speaking services. Spice of Life® products have been developed exclusively by GWA to increase opportunities for development in diversity training in the workplace.


Here's what our customers say about our cards:

“A great new addition to the Diversity training tool box, from someone who really knows the business.”
--- Barry J. Davis, VP of Marketing, Inscape Publishing

“We had a chance to use your Spice of Life® Diversity Cards during a diversity workshop we presented in May. We found them to be extremely helpful and thought provoking. We used the cards to help people understand the four key areas of diversity...knowledge, understanding, acceptance and behavior. After discussing each area, we had an attendee choose a relevant card and we all discussed the question as a group. This led to some very spirited conversation and helped people begin to examine their preconceptions. It was great!!”
--- Donna Hooker, Career Coach/Trainer, IManage Development

“I believe the cards will provide our management team with a good tool to prompt engaging diversity discussion that will benefit the organization. I had an opportunity to facilitate a Spice of Life training session with our Management Team last week. The session was well received and I'm anticipating their request for further facilitation needs.”
--- Glenn Holman, Manager Gas Administration, PECO Energy

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